What Would Cause A Continuos Stomach Ache Piano Noise Neighbor?

Piano noise neighbor? - what would cause a continuos stomach ache

I lived in a condo and the nearest neighbors bought a piano that against the wall of my master bedroom they share the background was pushed. The neighbor of 6 (six) children to play the piano almost any time from 8:00 to 10:00 pm. The rejection of noise over my room, I can not my room, if you follow your program. It is, without sleep before 10:00 clock, play until stopped.

I tried to talk to them to move the piano to the other wall, and even offered to pay (must move to the wing as large). So far she has refused, and ignored me.

Playback if (instead of listening to the piano, not even a good policy, not otherwise) enjoy, I prefer to listen to my song. But if I did, the explosion on the wall in the vicinity, "disturbing" them. Wha? I'm not even playNoise! I suspect that "disturb" her practice the piano.

I spoke with the head of the Owners Association and owner of the neighbors and agreed that excessive and continuous noise causes, although he played in the "normal" hours. The next owner is preparing a letter asking for the piano. However, HOA has told manager and neighbors to me that this should also take legal action to resolve this problem, because I am the HOA to resolve. In other words, they have to receive enough votes to change the default Hoa musical instruments in addition to a wall or something.

In this case, what you propose to move this bill? For example:
- What are my rights here?
- Should I for cooperationps if I have a case?
- Should I a lawyer?


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