Asian Women Electricity Torture How Come Asian Women Are More Prejudice Toward Asian Men Than Men And Women Of Any Other Races ?

How come asian women are more prejudice toward asian men than men and women of any other races ? - asian women electricity torture

I'm just an old white man from Texas, retired. I am really surprised to see all the negative comments for the Asian men here. Some of them are border lining the truth, but most are exaggerated or entirely invented facts. What is the most interesting thing in them, they come from Asian women. Why kill Asian women out of their way to the men of his tribe?


Leon said...

Well, I must say I found the same thing, an Asian woman. I think that is the reason that the United States there is a negative stereotype of Asian men in the mainstream, and people who want to integrate into the general public starts to believe. I think that some women in Asia. They have been indoctrinated to believe that the man of Asian nerds are physically weak and boring, and wants nothing to do with it.

xxx said...

Asian women who grew up in the American media is of unsound mind.

I could be many examples of young Asian girls who were laughing merrily do with whites over Asian men. In many cases they are worse than the whites. Hollywood tends to put girls in Asia who are willing to do their dirty work in the stereotypes of Asians, so you can apologize.

Many times have to use bad relationship with his father to the children in Asia.

The first male figure in a woman's life is his father so the father, the woman seeking someone to your parent or someone very OPOS.

No other nation has her male counterpart, while Asian women on the left. It is very sad.

dog lover, amo un italiano tanto said...

NO! These people were not the women in Asia, but Asian women dressed men attacked in Asia, called 2 birds with 1 stone.


Do you think it is logical that we want to attack or make fun of our father and his brothers, but also so stupid? Of course not! It was just something created by someone with motives.

For Asian women, the decrease or laugh at boys race runs for a gun.

EDIT: For the answer below me, "12345678 ..."

Link You! Many children in Asia are actually quite pretty.

catwoman said...

Most Asian girls I know are very flat. They are attentive to what is the latest trend in fashion. You watch TV and try to imitate what they saw. They are easy to guess. The media are very shy with Asian men. Therefore, Asian women attacks on Asian men, because it is a learned behavior by the media.

Bye... said...

It is easy to those who have shaped their own race, with the opposite sex is not safe. They think if they leave the opposite sex of his career to assimilate, while the ability to avoid cliches, they are trying to integrate.

So I appreciate them, I'm just a scapegoat to protect against prejudice and humiliation ...

sam said...

Dis whole page is a lie!
Asia in the so-hatred,
& & Yoo da Anza so bad!
I can not believe yoo think of asian girls, does not look like the
at this time because of the personality,
and many Asian girls really like children in Asia
I have nothing against whites
But please, the most red neck, I met
anoying trying to act black, if not attractive.

Asian children are very attractive, especially in the Japanese children, with their
& & Nerdy Asians, and even intelligence are narrow, I mean really, what would
an eccentric, but as they grow, they look so beautiful and SMART
& & Very much money, so I do not hate.
& & Plussss dance were children in Asia
HEEELLLLLOOOO JABBAWOCKIES !!!!!&& kabbamodern & & SoReal
Asian children kick-asdfjkl in a battle of dance, it is a ninja Lika kno!

Manfred von Richthofen said...

Asian women are aware of their identities are not sure, that's all. Instead, the acceptance of other ethnic groups, the negative stereotypes about Asian people gain further strengthened. Apparently breasts are closed in B porn, when they lie, to end their male colleagues. I am sorry for them.

12345678... said...

the person with the image of a boy's face ...

Asian girls, I had to have people tell me they do not lure kids in Asia, and they are ugly, \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ u0026lt, stereotype, "\\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ u0026lt, stereotype, "\\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ u0026lt, cliché. "

I am a liar? wow, I guess it really shows how Asian women are prepared to stoop.

Jen said...

I do not have enough Asian women in Y! In fact, enough to make negative comments bands around the world around us so?
I agree with what some people say yes, but ****.
Why people do not pay attention to Asian girls like me that Asians are ****?? hott

Peach said...

I confirm dass Some young Asian girls are very superficial. He threw his own father is on the bus, knowing exactly what they are trying to get to the image of what is fit as seen on TV recently. I'm glad that I was not in Asia.

Spanish Rose said...

Asian girls and glamorous. You think it's glamorous to sell their own people. Latin girls are like that. We are simple and very romantic. Asian men should start by giving girls the opportunity latinas date.

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