Lingerie Bottomless Why Do The Arab Refugees Enjoy "the Special Status"-at The Expense Of The Western Taxpayers?

Why do the arab refugees enjoy "the special status"-at the expense of the Western taxpayers? - lingerie bottomless

The Arabs do not adhere to the basic Resolution No. 181 on the UN partition of Palestine into two states, Jewish and rejected and Arab.Arabs
two hours after Israel's independence, -5 Arab states and the unanimous group of Palestinian Arabs attacked Israel said.
According to beat Israel, the Palestinian Arabs fled out of fear that the Israelis wanted to do with them as they would with the Israelis if they won.
But not all Palestinians stayed.Now fled.Some 200,000 Arabs are citizens of Israel, their Arab "brothers" in Gaza and the West Bank, the "big fish".
Try to guess why.
So far, so good?
The Arabs, who escaped in 1948 are dead or have one foot in the grave, for eRAE age.Even people aged 20 in 1948 and at the age of 80.The refugees, "no HERIDATARY, which means that if the father and mother had Yur refugee" It does not.
This law apllies all refugees in the world: more than 20 million German became refugees after World War II, hundreds of thousands of Japanese and 80,000 Jews were then referred to his underwear stolen Arab countries like Syria, Egypt, Lebanon and the country.
But this law does not apply to the Arab refugees.
Can someone explain why?
BTW, the only case in which the UN special body whose task it is for a group of refugees, has again drawn attention, Palestine.I Arab refugees: UNRWA, which is solely and exclusivelygive as Western UN.Billions taxpayer dollars per year is pumped into the west into the bottomless funding for UNRWA and disappeared into the pockets of the Hamas leader.
Here, too, can someone explain why?


Ingul said...

Lulu said: "Well, Russell, because Israel does not build up again because they are constantly bombarded and leveled the law?"
Oh, Israel has had to repair the damage done often enough to be cut and no damage in the form of a couple of olives, but the damage results from real and bloody wars.
First, it fell in 1948, when its "brothers" from 5 Arab countries are Israel war in the territory of Israel, Israel 6373 (about 4000 soldiers and 2400 civilians) were attacked and murdered by Arabs in the war.
Then, the Six-Day War.
Then, the Yom Kippur War.
Then - the constant bombardment of northern Israel by Hezbollah. Then, in the last 10 years, up to 3 years that Israel had enough typing and with a bit that Hezbollahstill sitting in the Litany River.
6000 rockets at Israeli towns in May from the Gaza Strip in just 3 years.
Then, suicide and other terrorist attacks.
Israel had all the time new, but do not ask all over the world, for a "good men running from the West, for the love of Christ, give us something for the reconstruction of the mosque, which is used to save" Qassam " So we can use our curse and more energy replenich "and wept, is classified as" poor "and" repressed. "
BTW, have your "brother" Arabs do not pay a cent to offset the damage caused by them. You do not want to show how "fair" than you are, and start at least should I apologize?

Simple Simon said...

Only those refugees? Most Muslims take N Western aid.
Including those in Somalia, unlike the Arabs are pirates, not terrorists.

jd said...

There is no excuse.

Yusofa's 3 Tribes & 2 Clans said...

Why not Transjordan to UN plan for the land border, and ends with double the quantity? Israel got what he by his allegiance to democracy? Imagine if Israel remember his last name to Palestine) (god, a pagan name, given the land to Judah, fell the pagan Philistines (David fought the giant of them)? So, what Muslims say: "I live in a country ruled by dictator Hamas, not Israel, where I shall not vote or send my daughters to school."

Check newspapers from Jordan in the 40s to the 50s ... Calls for Muslims to live, offering free land, free money, free seeds, boot-free herds - Where in the world? They came from their own country, the English for higher wages (labor fight is still cheap) until1948th Only the Bedouins who still roaming in their tents in the Holy Land can be retrieved, it is a book in Arabic on the history of Palestine, not one. But Muslims have also excavated in India to create Pakistan, Gandhi said it was one of the worst things that could do them, giving them a country that wants more, and you see all the terrorist bombings and assassinations in India for the Hindus, Jains, etc., who do not want part of Pakistan. And how many new countries as Muslim created, because, well, what about Kuwait? You need to buy more than one billion U.S. dollars, a house, but it can never be a citizen.

Well, if you check the Library of Congress is to ensure that all loans to borrowers, Israel has paid in full, while we give to China, a country thaIt is not to kill, while they are born babies, because the rule of 1 baby - and discuss the food they are --- us poison. How many thousands of Chinese from us? Check out the international banks, the loans in Africa and South America have, and most have to pay and those who remain alive and begged for an interest. We are talking about one trillion U.S. dollars together outside the Middle East that has grown wings. How do we give to Mexico, Panama? Then we have the South Korea, why are we still there with a base? N Koreans have their own weapons? Why are we in Japan?

Then you have all the Jews expelled from Muslim countries, forced to leave their money, farms, houses, shops and a part of the family, more than half a million people who were there before MusLIMS met Muhammad ... Mecca was once a vibrant Jewish community, which now only Muslims can go there just to Medina. Check the rules on the boards Gov't to see the restrictions to go to a Muslim country, a niece of America - I, in uniform, could not leave their base in the UAR, why? A woman in trousers? Driving? Eat with the men? Without a veil?

She sent me a caricature, a plane landed in the UAR France and an announcement was made over loudspeakers: "Please fasten the seat belt, we will later in the year 1500 of these country, have a nice day.

ggopri said...

Simple Simon, you're right. Are 's Muslims, most people in the West enjoy aid.Including in Somalia, in contrast to the Arabs as "pirates who are not terrorists. "
Pirates is the same as a robber, but sea.Do me to mind the famous bandits of the Muslims?
I have his name, something like Muhammad bin Abdullah ... But I am sure that his nickname among his bandmates was a prophet. "

Noah & Adam's Mummy (Lady Lu said...

Of course, right after I explain why Israel receives tons of taxpayer money, even if they have never met any UN resolution ever before, and also bombed the United Nations organization? No one on this page if you want, if you're going to criticize criticize, and to make sure enough.
------ Edit
and Russell, because Israel is not new because they are constantly bombarded and leveled properly? If the taxpayer for those who vote in the plot, then they should to pay damages. Either that, or to choose leaders who are not the bloodthirsty war criminals biased.
@ Ingul you one, to apologize to all of us daily subject for his racist rant. I, but others have done nothing wrong.
And lo and behold, until now, I am the ONLnot racist, and have responded to this question, I feel surrounded by the Ku Klux Klan

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