Used Rototillers How Hard Is It To Use A Rototiller?

How hard is it to use a rototiller? - used rototillers

I have a domain from my driveway, the ground is hard and rocky. I would like to lure a rototiller rental and soil for planting too. I'm not a big person and do not know much about the power tools. Help?


Anonymous said...

My wife is 5 '3 "and 62 years and uses a tiller, what would our backyard to our new house. The area was full of stones near the house where he would build, and the ground was hard, and thanks to him. Ah, yes, some sweat, but it would not. And she got the job, while her husband looked bad. But I have one or two passes over the yard soon be back to see how he felt, and even those with one leg "old" (55 years) was very well done. Then, a little sweat? Yes possible? Absolutely. God Bless.

saaanen said...

I am 60 and have a Troy Built riding. I farmed for 40 years. I'm 5'4 "tall and weigh 110 #. The only warning I would just make sure you tell someone how to use it. You can save, and do great damage.

mud_slin... said...

They are difficult to use at all. One thing to consider whether the farmer's teeth (leaves) on the back you will find rest assured that your feet is clear. Furthermore, since you are trying to break a zone with many rocks, careful not to throw stones at the machine. You can ask a neighbor for help if you are not sure yet, but are fairly easy to use. Good Luck

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