Funny Writings On Cake Why Are Douglas Adams's Writings So Funny And Engaging And Best Selling Despite Lacking The Basics ___?

Why are Douglas Adams's writings so funny and engaging and best selling despite lacking the basics ___? - funny writings on cake

Most of it, which would have Adam, the story and the theme to write. Almost nothing in spielmobil (no clear protagonist / antagonist), except in semi isloated few sketches. The characters are as thin as paper and cardboard, the story goes illogical by many sudden twists. Sentences are long, sometimes too long and often repeated the same word three or four times a sentence.Yet stories are read beautifully, very funny and very scuessfull on sales?


the_lips... said...

I'm not sure I would have agreed with everything said here.

As for the plot and theme - Hitchhiker's Guide to Homer's Odyssey has been filled in the manner of Arthur Dent (Ulysses) in comparison and travel through different cultures and approaches.

Adams can not fully develop his characters, but I think they are "as thin as paper is drawn," is a bit harsh. The characters are enough for us to understand why they developed and say what they do. It is clear that the response is expected Arthur to a situation, his counterpart at Zaphod because of the characteristics that gave each of them was Adam.

I agree with you that the prose of Adams and unconventional, he seems to be more orFA stream of consciousness style of writing.

The success of Adams, behind the subversion of a popular format (sci-fi-worked is ripe for a parody, if left Hitchhiker - see Mel Brooks' Spaceballs' and 'Red Dwarf ") and the development of a very, very easy to approach that a whole novel about the nature of life, the universe and everything!

At the end all, Douglas Adams was a genius.

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