Letter Of Offer For Car After Being Hired, Told Offer Letter Was Wrong?

After being hired, told offer letter was wrong? - letter of offer for car

This is long and complicated. Please read, and I'm pleased for the best advice.

The end of April, I received a formal offer of a company, and I agreed early June, "I am a graduate of the University and officially began September 4.

The most important factor in the decision-making was the location - the company is a small town about 50 miles from the city. Podría haber elegido en los suburbios Vivir un poco más cerca de la ciudad, sin embargo, la carta de oferta de la empresa incluye un vehículo de la Empresa - lo que yo estaba dispuesto significaba if one manejar 45 minutos cada uno y pagar por el ( Gas-a total of 100 miles per day), I would be able to live and travel in the city without the addition of miles on my car.


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