Been To The Doctor, Had An X Ray And My Wrist Still Hurts Where Should I Go...a Doctor Or Chiropractor(,x-ray), For My Hurt Wrist.?

Where should I go...a doctor or chiropractor(,x-ray), for my hurt wrist.? - been to the doctor, had an x ray and my wrist still hurts

Doctor. Your doctor should first be considered, and if he wants to go for an X-Ray, it is an order.
For now, some motrin with food, ice wrist for 20 minutes up to an ACE bandage wrap, if you have one.


carrieaz... said...

Now that his party when the pain became unbearable only medication for pain and MD type can be placed in a splint. I treat people with wrist injuries all the time, we treat not just the back.

osborne! said...

Go see a doctor whos specializes in Ortho (bones), then you know to say on the wrist with the X-Ray.what see is with your wrist?

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