Erotic Audio .rar Lucid Dreaming Tips For Erotic Dreams?

Lucid dreaming tips for erotic dreams? - erotic audio .rar

I try to have a lucid dream, I tried for a few days. I would be glad some advice. Are there any audio recordings that help? I would like an erotic lucid dream. I looked on iTunes, and there are some binaural applications. Has anyone tried? I often sleep paralysis by chance (I like). I do not like it, but of course that is about twice a month. I've never had a lucid dream before.


Naguru said...

Dreams can not be manipulated. This happens automatically in your account. It has no purpose in trying. We can no training. How do you say: "Sleep is natural."

When I ask my uncle about this, he advised me to take a tablespoon of honey with hot milk and nuts before going to bed for lucid dreaming. I tried this method, but without success.

Alex said...

This is a difficult question ...

Sex lucid dream is a small step forward, because for a lot of emotion in a lucid dream.

Here are some tips:

1. Start slowly, leave the exploration of the world around you first, the better that sex is the last thing to do. Know Slowly adapting to the environment, and according to what the hell happened, one can have sex without waking up with excitement.

2.Make a clear picture in your mind about the couple having sex before bed would have to write. More details - better sex life.

3.Make a clear picture in your head, what do you do on stage.

4.Practice bring people together, it's really useful if you have sex with someone in particular want. So it is best to start when you all moved out and call ready to go.

5.Don 't forget that you people you know to call in the real world.

6.Learn fly and teleport, are essential tools for transportation.

7. To receive more attention and raise. (Http: / / Sustain /ING-transparent)

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