Who Can Have Casket Flag When A Flag From A Military Casket Is Folded At The Funeral, Is It OK To Fly That Flag Again?

When a flag from a military casket is folded at the funeral, is it OK to fly that flag again? - who can have casket flag

My aunt is the flag that covered the coffin of my cousin, after his death in Iraq. It would fly on his farm in his honor on Memorial Day. If this is shown as a breach of protocol to a flag that was folded in a military funeral?


JB said...

There is nothing I can see the code for the American flag (link below) to the flag under his. The only person the right to modify this code, is the commander of the armed forces, President.

It belongs to the person who presented the flag to determine their use, while the use of respectful and follow the flag code. For those who think it is more appropriate to the flag, that's a good thing by removing the code, and an amicable solution. If your aunt, the flag flies correctly (see code) and is in honor of his son that is a very good use is made though.

This is something interesting about the lack of specific instructions for a burial flag next to the proper disposal when he retired. From what I can tell by reading the documents, a flag is not really considered until his retirement respectfully disposed of in accordance with the code. If your aunt wants a decision more accurately, I am sure that the American Legion will gladly answer your questions. And no, I'm a member of the Legion, but they do a good job of providing the documents and files for something.

I have two grandchildren now in Iraq and mourn their loss. I pray every day for the safe return of our son and our daughters.

Bob said...

This flag belongs to the person that is produced to communicate with them what they want. Usually be in a shadow box of medals and insignia of military rank and placed in a conspicuous place. If the recipient wants the flag to honor the dead fly is quite normal to do so. Like the flags that flew over the capital and other important places in schools and other buildings, the flag of the field can be managed as a sign of great respect to fly. You just fly the flag according to the rules of appropriate methods of illuminated from the top down and not fly, except in the night. Do not fly in bad weather and others. While the flag of a pole is not left to the little things on the porch.

forgiveb... said...


Often the family is the flag on Memorial Day, Veterans Day or the anniversary of the funeral as an opportunity to the person or the members of the general service is to honor.

I am the flag of 48 stars of the funeral of a prominent member of the family in honor of World War II, he and all his contemporaries, who served in World War II.

In addition, the family in the display and never fly again. Are displayed on a wall with some of his medals and / or image.

Wrong in any case, the flag of honor, members of the military or his flag-draped coffin had.

Tell your aunt to fly. Only a madman could criticize it.

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