Potted Christmas Trees Can I Keep A Christmas Tree Potted?

Can I keep a Christmas Tree potted? - potted christmas trees

I want for Christmas Treet in a pot (preferably) a noble fir tree that I could use in the classroom, rather than separation and lose every year to celebrate. I've seen smaller versions of the price. How long do I shed tree? I live in the desert, a master planned community that only certain trees and drought tolerant plants possible. Unfortunately, the pins are not allowed, but it allows, they are in pots. Is it possible to a tree in a pot to keep the whole year?


tkreenie said...

You can ... unless they have their roots!

Grain And Grit said...

Yes, can.Just sure to return the pot that grows the tree. When the roots begin in the pot wind, the trees go into stress.

Once the season ended, repot in a pot at least twice its original size. You probably in the coming years.

Here are some tips.

Cupid said...

You can if you live in the north-east, somewhere .. but it is unlikely to grow in the desert in the south-west. The climate must be right .. and once a tree already cut, he will be dead, and you can not pick up again when you the kind of weather.

velvetca... said...

Depending on the size of the pot, yes. However, you must regularly water. However, you can overcome even the largest pots.

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