Photos Of Jock Itch In Women OTC Treatment For Female "jock Itch"?

OTC treatment for female "jock itch"? - photos of jock itch in women

I searched the Internet, and my skin rash * exactly * the pictures and the symptoms of Jock itch in females, so I will try to antifungal first, before you see a doctor counter. A particular type should I use or fungi, against the cream?


Axey said...

I think when one is confronted an antifungal cream for the genital area. I think something like Tinactin, Lotrimin or Lamisil should work.

If the cream does not work after a few days, probably consult a doctor to be sure it is not caused by something else.

Shofie T said...

The jock itch is essentially a masculine name for a yeast infection.

I treat the rash itself. Not all yeast infections are cottage cheese, and this introduction. Some can only irritation in the vulvar region.

Several treatments are the ease with over the counter cream available to itching and burning.

If there really is a yeast infection, anti-fungal will not help.

killerpa... said...

I know that the cream Male Jock not use for vaginal itch. ask your pharmacist or go to the doctor to make sure it is absolutely right before you go all the creams use their vagina.

Joe Schmoe said...

All is well antifungal agents. Clotrimazole, ketoconazole, fluconazole.

Good luck

lilprinc... said...

I have read and heard that garlic works under, an antifungal agent as well. CTA is also working not sure which brand is best, however.

tess489 said...

See what your pharmacist recommended. Sometimes it seems they know better than doctors.

brit23 said...

Most creams are for external use, to be so careful, you should use as a powder or bonds or something

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