Extract Photos From Word Document I Can't Save A Photo From MS Word?

I can't save a photo from MS Word? - extract photos from word document

I cut and paste my MySpace blog. If you cut and paste into the MySpace blog you can see my pictures. For some reason, I thought, when I cut and remove the HTML code that the photo was also removed. I do not think that the entire table can be copied. So, after turning off the information that I deleted the blog. Then I've copied a blank MS Word document in my house.

Well, I am not able to extract and store only the image. When I try to right click on the document does not mention the word "Save" rather than "email". How do I remove the image from the Word document?


Anonymous said...

What can "save" your e-mail. Directly save the "word" and trying to do. This work should be. We hope that this information is helpful. Take care, God bless!

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