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I was walking home and found a bag with some weed in it, Should i smoke it? - home a

I went back home for a friend and a bag on the floor with a little green in it. I picked it up and smell that turns out to be weeds. So I have maybe a little smoke or toxic or have bad **** in the picture? I smoke weed a lot, but I'm still woundering.


mike said...

**** Man, what a role for Dutch grape.

Olive said...

It depends on you the other day, my friends and I put a park at night by a policeman and my friend was afraid he threw his bag of weed in his car and then when we were allowed to return from the left because the police are expected departure. Then we hear a boy and he told me he had found a bag of weed instead to walk and let him, because he thought it was bad, MIDs, and somehow all was well. Try asking someone else. I bet you're right. But do not blame me if you Jacked Up on PCP, your risk. haha. this is probably not the case.

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