Php Realpath Open_basedir PHP Help, Realpath() Has Been Disabled?

PHP Help, Realpath() has been disabled? - php realpath open_basedir

I try to start a script from a website, but when I load a page that receives this error

Warning: realpath () has been disabled for security reasons in / home / www / Installation ... on line 7

I did not write the script, and have little experience with PHP. Can I solve this problem? Does anyone know this? Thank you in advance.


Doug V said...

realpath () explicitly allows a script when a file when using relative links will be used on a file or sybiotic. ...

Not surprisingly, the function of the award has been disabled space, because they can be very dangerous.

You should contact the author of the screenplay, which tries to support or updates of this report is run as a security hole.

Ask An Expert said...

It is necessary to modify the PHP script. Can you ask a professional, independent sites like

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