Skin Rashes, Cancun, 2009 December What Would Cause Skin Rashes On The Hands Each Spring?

What would cause skin rashes on the hands each spring? - skin rashes, cancun, 2009 december

When in the spring (when it starts to warm up after winter) I strange rash on my hands between my wrist and fingers. There are groups of bumps slightly darker color and skin peeling, especially in the interior of the palm and fingers.

This is the third year, what happened, and the last two years that it lasted about 3 months.

I went to a dermitoligist see, took samples of skin and told me to call resualts and has never existed.


Laweez said...

Could be a form of hay fever, if you spend a lot of time outdoors.

Most people have problems with hay fever in spring and summer when the pollen is highest.

The symptoms can include itchy, watery eyes, stuffy nose and skin rash.

A skin rash is very common.

You can also more sensitive to temperature variations.


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