Should I Wax Before Or After I Shower How Much Time Should I 'recover' From A Brazilian Wax Before I Have Play Down There?

How much time should I 'recover' from a Brazilian Wax before I have play down there? - should i wax before or after i shower

Thank you for ya'll reacted very quickly to my other question here today is the second part! How long should I wait or "cure" before sex, and how long does it take to subside the pain? I've heard of anesthetic creams that work? And finally, how long does wax last?


lipvixen said...

Only a few hours (like 2) for me. If the pain is gone, it's a go!

viji k said...

Plumer (pliers), shaving, depilatory creams and waxing are temporary methods of hair removal.
Waxing usually lasts for 3 weeks, but it is painful.
Electrolysis and laser hair removal are "permanent" methods of hair removal, but they are expensive and you have to find a trained professional, otherwise your skin could be damaged.
An overview of various methods of hair removal is

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