German Tourist Office Can I Get A German Aupair Visa If I Am Already Here?

Can I get a German aupair visa if I am already here? - german tourist office

I have a host family in Germany, I liked it, but could not the 1 years visa, even if I were in the Embassy in Washington DC (where I speak) is not enough l "German language requirement.

She said I could go as a tourist for 3 months, then try again with the local immigration office for a German course here taken. The course starts in a week, but I'm still sure it will be other complications, or else you'll learn in time. My host mother thinks he is healthy again, but I'm not sure, because the people I spoke with the message that seems doubtful.

Just wondering if anyone a visa for a country where the status is of "holiday" will be, and how easy or difficult is it?


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