Free Wooden Swing Set Blue Prints Can This Really Be A True Story? Some Of My Family Says It Is.?

Can this really be a true story? Some of my family says it is.? - free wooden swing set blue prints

I discovered something about my great-great-aunt, who was still alive back in the 1870s and can not believe it's true! My brother has the genealogy, and I discovered was a slave at this time. Well, first, no African-American in my blood, and secondly, in the 1860s, slavery was abolished. I am not naive, I know that slavery still exists today, but I came to the strange yet ...
... would have been a sex slave to a saloon owner in the town of Old West, but was not a whore. It was his personal slave for the night, but the day he used to attract customers to your room! This is the strange part.
The renamed his show "The bird in the gilded cage Casino", and in fact maintained its ... no joke ... Giant in a cage suspended from a round bar ... Literally! My brother and my cousin, I even took the old casino and showed me the cage. It is big enough for one person inside, but he had secured all the characteristics of a normal cage on a swing, a hanger, or even a birdhouse between wooden poles. The swing was great, and alsonough to sit my ancestors.
Now, of course, know that anything was possible at the time, but that seems straight from a movie. Apparently during the day, the salon owner had few clothes and locked in the cage to attract male customers at the fair. In the night she was asleep in bed with him, but she was in captivity. In any case, I think, literally, live in a cage for more than seven years of his life, before the owner died and Sedan has been released.
Is it really true? I saw the cage, but I can not believe it.


Naughty Santa! said...

Wow, that's an interesting story. Yes, I think it could happen. At that time, women have different ways to lead people in bars, but not the way, lol. What I advise you to the local historical society in your area and see if you can find some information about his aunt and then check its history. You can also use local libraries, and even after her and Casino Goolge.

FInny Macgee said...

I said that was probably a prostitute and the owner of the salon was a ruse.

bayou_ba... said...

Well, that was long ago, do not know, forever. is a great story passed down from generation to generation, though!

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